Another game made for SGDC's Game Jam VI. If you were wondering, Kevin was the guy in charge of the club.

As the title suggests, it doesn't work! When work on the game started, we decide to do it in Unity. As it turned out, I had no patience to learn Unity, and neither did the other members of the group. The resulting "game" mostly didn't work in the editor, and was even more broken when compiled.

The real title of this game, as submitted to, is "IT DEOSN'T WORK KEVIN." Note the typo, it's important.

If for some reason you want to play, you can download it for Windows here.

Update 4/5/16

I did a full remake of this game, subtitled 'It Weorks Edition.' It's been made from scratch in MonoGame using all the assets and ideas that didn't quite make it into the original version. I can't guarantee that it actually works, but it does pretty much. And it comes with a level editor! Download it here.