Infinipotion is a comedic adventure game following the day-to-day life of The Wizard, who must use his incredible potion-brewing abilities to solve the world's troubles. The game features an exploratory potion crafting system, puzzles that allow the player to progress using whatever ceative potion they can come up with, a multiplayer combat minigame, and a "unique" "art style."

Initially, this game was made for SGDC Game Jam VIII (the theme was "Infinite"). Unsatisfied with the results, I declined to submit the game and instead continued working on it during the summer.

After working on Infinipotion for a while in the summer, I realized that I had written myself into a corner. Unable to think of any clever puzzles to solve enirely with potions, I stopped work on Infinipotion.

An unfinished build of the game featuring all the improvements, bug fixes, and added content over the original build can be found here.
The original GJ8 build of the game can be found here.