Game made for SGDC's Game Jam VI.

Like many of my other games, it was made in C# with MonoGame.

Mine deep into Mars in search of the elusive Marsium. It's a discount Motherload, but supports online multiplayer so you can drill with a friend. No, there is no Mr. Natas waiting at the bottom.

Interestingly enough, this game won me $25 for "Best Glitch." Due to my inability to program good collision detection, the ship has a tendency to get stuck when running into the corner of a block. Rather than fix this, I included a reset button (it's the 'R' key) to teleport you to a fixed spot at the top of the map. Because the reset button doesn't reset the player's velocity, it's easy to hold right and the reset key to gain infinite horizontal velocity, until you hit the wall on the right side of the map with enough force to immediately explode. Try it out yourself!

You can download the game for Windows here.

Alternately, you can look at my source code here.